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Post Your Jobs, Screen Applicants, & Search the RecruitFront Database for Great Candidates

Let Us Bring Applicants to You

RecruitFront is NOT a passive website where you post jobs and hope applicants will figure out how to find the posting. We do a lot to drive applicant traffic and ensure accessibility:

  • Jobs posted to RecruitFront are automatically pulled into via an integration.

  • RecruitFront allows you to easily create posts about your jobs in your social media feeds (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

  • RecruitFront uses “Job Posting” structured data to help Google understand your content and display it attractively in search engine results.

  • RecruitFront job postings and the RecruitFront application process are ADA compliant and accessible.

  • The RecruitFront user interface is “responsive”—i.e. it works on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones no matter the screen size or operating system.

  • We circulate marketing materials and attend recruiting events all over New York State to ensure that job seekers know that RecruitFront has great employment opportunities.

  • We use social media marketing, search engine marketing, and mail campaigning to drive applicant traffic to


Start Recruiting

Please contact us if you are interested in joining RecruitFront to post jobs as an employer and gain access to the RecruitFront Applicant Database.


Search the RecruitFront Database for Candidates

At RecruitFront job seekers register and create a profile in our database. There they can post their resume and other job-related artifacts without applying to a specific job so that their profile is searchable by employers looking for good candidates.


Easily Screen Candidates

RecruitFront allows human resources staff and other recruiting professionals to quickly and easily check candidate credentials, explore candidate uploads like resumes, portfolios, letters of reference, etc. and to compare the credentials of candidates in an applicant pool.


Manage Hiring Committees

Hiring committee members can securely access candidates in an applicant pool and all of their associated artifacts. All authorized staff members can easily check progress and/or participate in hiring activities.


Track Recruiting & Hiring Activities & Info

All uploaded hiring artifacts, candidate information, hiring committee information, and other hiring-related information is stored and backed up in RecruitFront. This data is searchable and exportable for records-keeping purposes and can be purged (like other SchoolFront system data) according to your district’s data retention and pruning requirements.


Paper-Free Digital Hiring Process

The organization and tracking of hiring activities and artifacts can be done digitally and paper-free in RecruitFront. Interview notes, communication with candidates, etc. can be created in, distributed from, and viewed in RecruitFront.


Transform a Hire into an Employee

If you choose to use the SchoolFront Digital Forms module, all on-boarding activities can also be completed digitally and paper-free, reducing the need for duplicate data entry and management.

RecruitFront is part of the SchoolFront School Management software platform. SchoolFront works with many of the popular financial management systems in NYS, including Munis, WinCap, and Finance Manager/nVision.


Recruiting is Just the Beginning!

SchoolFront School Management Platform

The SchoolFront School Management Platform pulls data from other information systems, readies the aggregated data for human resources (HR) usage, facilitates human resources processes in a paperless manner, and then stores completed HR documentation in digital personnel files. SchoolFront can help your Human Resources department in a myriad of ways through digitization and organization of existing resources.

  • Seamlessly combine information from disparate information systems into one location.

  • Instantly generate, send, and or/store critical HR documentation at the point of need.

  • Reduce the need for paper storage space and the costs related to storing paper files.

  • Reduce postage and handling costs.

  • Reduce risk of HR data loss due to fire/flood.

  • Free HR employees to focus on other tasks.

  • Increase compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and reduce legal risk.

  • Apply flexible security/access rules to personnel information and documentation.

  • Securely access information digitally from any Internet-connected computer.

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete complicated HR processes by doing them digitally.

  • Reduce human error by automating processes and calculations.

  • Ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

  • Make HR Office auditing easier.