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Some of our best candidates come from colleges, universities, and career centers.

What is RecruitFront?

RecruitFront is an online recruiting service. It is part of the SchoolFront School Management platform created by FrontEdge Inc., a company located in Rochester, NY.

100% of the employment opportunities on RecruitFront are posted by our clients who are contractually-licensed to use SchoolFront. These clients include K-12 school districts, Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and non-profit organizations throughout New York State.

While there are many teaching jobs posted on RecruitFront, there are many, many other types of jobs posted requiring all levels of experience.

Where Should I Send Job Seekers to Explore Jobs?

Please feel free to share these URLs and feel free to list these URLs on any job-search-related resources you distribute, host, or otherwise manage:

Is a RecruitFront Account Necessary?

Job seekers do not need an account to explore employment opportunities on RecruitFront, but they do need to register for an account to apply for positions. Terms of Use

When job seekers create an account they add their profile to the RecruitFront Applicant Database, which is then searchable by the RecruitFront employers to whom they explicitly grant access. If job seekers are interested in employment in a specific area, but don’t see any fitting jobs, we highly recommend that they register for an account and allow employers in area(s) of interest to find their profile and reach out to them.

Where Can Job Seekers Get Help / Support?

RecruitFront Applicant Support Center:

If job seekers (applicants) are struggling to register or apply for jobs, the RecruitFront Applicant Support Center includes helpful Knowledge Base articles with β€œHow Tos” as well as a way to create a Support Request (Submit a Ticket) with the SchoolFront Support Team at FrontEdge Inc.

How Else Can RecruitFront Help?

Secure Student Official Transcript Upload

Some colleges and universities opt to securely upload official transcripts for students applying for employment opportunities digitally. RecruitFront supports secure digital upload of transcripts. If you are interested in sending official transcripts to RecruitFront in this manner, please CONTACT US.

RecruitFront Promotional Materials

If you would like RecruitFront posters, flyers, or business cards to display or distribute to the job seekers you serve, please complete the form on this page to request materials.

Event Exhibiting / Sponsorship

RecruitFront and our clients like to attend career fairs and other on-theme events to attract great candidates in New York State. If you are hosting or are aware of an upcoming event that you think we should attend as an exhibitor or sponsor, please complete our UPCOMING EVENTS FORM.

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